Tanzania, at a glance

The rumble of the jeep stops in an instant, only to be replaced by the sounds of an endless savannah. 

This morning, you woke up to fresh coffee overlooking verdant grasslands. Your private veranda the perfect spot to soak up the morning sunlight, sound-tracked by bird song. 

Now, you sit in anticipation, unmoving, slightly unbelieving. In front of you, thousands of wildebeest charge across the plains. In the nearby waters, the crocs are sensing an opportunity.

This is Tanzania. A land of abundance. An abundance of wildlife. An abundance of beauty. An abundance of opportunities. 

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Wildlife in Tanzania

Wildlife in Tanzania

A few gasps are heard, before silence spreads across the jeep. Breath held, you watch ahead nervously, unmoving. The wildebeest miraculously evades the vice-like grip of a lion’s…

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When to visit Tanzania

Hiking in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania

Tanzania has a tropical climate that varies by region and altitude. The coast is generally hot and humid, while the low-lying parks are dryer and cooler. The best time to visit …

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How to get to Tanzania

Buffaloes in Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

Tanzania has three international airports, but Kilimanjaro International Airport is the most common entry point. Once you're in the country, a good domestic flight network connects…

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Things to do in Tanzania

People on summit of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

One of the world's best safari destinations, dotted with impressive mountains, national parks, and home to some of the world's best beaches, Tanzania is an extraordinary travel …

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Places to Visit in Tanzania

Places to Visit in Tanzania

Tanzania's northern and central savannahs are some of the world's best safari destinations, and if you head east to the coast and the Zanzibar archipelago, you'll discover a …

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