Lewa Conservancy, at a glance

The conservancy was created to maintain and increase the population of some of Africa’s most critically endangered species. 

Beyond the wildlife, Lewa places huge importance on community-related projects, and has spearheaded a number of initiatives to support education, water improvements, and healthcare in the local community. 

The conservancy is home to the Big Five, and has one of the highest population of rhinos in Kenya. 

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya

Just as we left the park, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Wildlife in Lewa Conservancy

Lewa Conservancy is home to some of the rarest species in the world, including 169 black rhinos - the most in any safari park in the world. 

Over 90% of all Grevy zebras found outside captivity can be found at Lewa.

Lewa also sees an influx of animal activity during the migratory periods, with over 400 elephants traversing the grounds each cycle.

Visitors can witness the spectacle from a purpose-built Elephant Underpass.

Lions, cheetahs, wild dogs, leopards, and a range of birdlife can be found on site, making it one of the most ecologically diverse parks in the country.

Lewa Conservancy

Roadblock, Lewa Wilderness

How to get to Lewa Conservancy

About 4 hours' drive north of Nairobi, Lewa Conservancy is accessible by road, although most people choose to fly. 

Direct flights run from Wilson Airport in Nairobi to the airstrips near Lewa.

SafariLink and AirKenya are the primary domestic flight operators, and they run a reliable network connecting most of Kenya.  

Black rhinos in Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya

Over 170 black rhinos live in Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

When to visit Lewa Conservancy

The best time to visit Lewa Conservancy is from June to September, and again from December to March.

These are the two dry seasons in Kenya. During these months, conditions are better for safari, and wildlife sightings are more common. 

The unpredictable weather patterns during the wet seasons from March to May and October to November mean excursions might be cancelled at the last minute.

Some lodges are completely closed in April and November. 

Ngare Ndare Forest

The local Ngare Ndare Forest makes for a great day trip outside the conservancy.

The forest's dense shrubbery and tightly packed trees are juxtaposed with the vast, smooth plains of the conservancy.

The main hike through the forests eventually leads to a waterfall. The flow from the falls is seasonal, and they are at their strongest in the rainy season or just after. The pool below the falls is safe to swim in. 

If you are visiting outside the dry season, the waters are not as clear as they are in the summer months, instead becoming muddy and murky.

After the falls, you can continue your hike across the canopy where you have 360 degree views of the conservancy and the surrounding countryside. 

Lewa Conservancy

Worth the hike, Lewa Wilderness

Accommodation in Lewa Conservancy

Elewana Lewa Safari Camp

Featuring luxury tented bedrooms with amazing views, Lewa Safari Camp offers access to 65,000 acres of private protected wilderness.

There are eleven rooms available, all equipped with verandas offering views that stretch far beyond the conservancy borders.

All the profits and fees raised by the camp are reinvested into the conservancy. 

Lewa Conservancy

Lewa Safari Camp, Lewa Wilderness

Lewa Wilderness

Lewa Wilderness comprises nine cottages set amongst vast grasses or nestled into sloping hills. 

Lewa Wilderness was one of Kenya's original safari lodges. 

The lodge comprises nine rooms spread around the complex. Six of the cottages have great views over the Marania Valley. The other 3 cottages are set along the beautiful lawn at Lewa.

Much of the money from stays here goes to support the conservancy and help them continue protecting Kenya's wildlife. 

Lewa Wilderness Lodge, Kenya

Lewa House

Lewa House also offers similar accommodation as Lewa Wilderness.

Cottages are dotted around the grounds for those seeking exclusivity, with the actual house providing the common area for all the guests.

Game drives, walking safaris, horseback safaris are available for guests to take advantage of, but the helicopter safari is the most unique excursion on offer at Lewa House. 

Lewa House Kenya

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