5 Reasons to go trekking in Kenya

1. Incredibly Diverse Landscapes

From beautiful open savanna plains to summits of rocky peaks and craggy mountains, Kenya's diversity in landscape means with every hike, scramble, and stroll you'll be surrounded by unique and stunning scenery. 

2. Africa’s Second Highest Peak 

The famous Mount Kenya is the second largest mountain in Africa. At 5,199 metres, it is second only to Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. 

3. Hikes For All Abilities

There are routes available for all ability levels, from easy strolls around lakes and forests to more challenging climbs up steep mountain summit passes. 

4. Wildlife 

Kenya is renowned for its wildlife, and you'll see a range of animal life as you hike your way through dense forest, or across expansive valleys and lakes. 

5. Viewpoints 

Lush, emerald green forests. Lakes that shimmer and shine in the intense midday sun. Distant acacia trees as  silhouettes before the flame-orange skies. Kenya is magnificently beautiful. 

Trekking in Kenya

Best Hiking & Trekking Routes in Kenya

  • Mount Longonot

    At an elevation of 2,776 metres, this extinct giant is located southeast of Lake Naivasha, in the Great Rift valley.

    Its name, Longonot, derives from the Maasai word that translates to steep ridges.

    Untouched thick forests have created a home to buffalo, baboons, zebras and many monkey species. The crater ridge has breath-taking views overlooking the rift valley and the famous Lake Naivasha. 

    The mountain can be climbed in a day, the hike is moderately challenging, but perfectly achievable for those with moderate fitness. 

  • Hell's Gate

    Hell's Gate National Park, while much smaller in size compared to other national parks in the country, has a unique landscape

    Following the eruption of two extinct volcanoes around the national park, the spewed volcanic rock has settled to form ridges, gullies and extraordinary vertical columns

    Treks here including hiking volcanic plugs, gorges, or forested bushlands

  • Mount Kenya

    Created roughly 3 million years ago, this stratovolcano is one of the most popular trekking locations in Kenya.

    Africa's second highest peak, the trail to the 5,199-metre summit is a real challenge. You will need to be of above average fitness to tackle Mount Kenya. 

    Start the hike in Mount Kenya National Park and wonder through unique flora in the forested base of the giant, slowly ascending into the rocky terrains.

    The higher you get, the bigger the changes in terrain. As you ascend, forests become rocky passes, which in turn become glacial pockets near the summit

  • Menengai Crater

    Menengai crater is the largest surviving crater in the world.

    This extinct volcano has a vast eco-system living within the depression caused by an ancient eruption.

    The surrounding forests support a large population of wildlife, the Menangai crater ridge overlooks Lake Nakuru and Lake Bogoria.

    The crater can be hiked in a day and is of moderate difficulty due to some of its steeper edges. 

    Stand 2,500 meters above sea level and embrace the panoramic views of glimmering lakes and open plains of Kenya’s national parks. 

Leisurely treks

  • Kakamega forest walk

    Sitting near the border of Uganda is Kenya’s only tropical forest, Kakamega.

    Filled with abundant rivers that feed into Lake Victoria, the rainforest is said to be the last of what remains from the pre-historic Guineo-Congolian rainforest that once flourished across Africa.

    The rainforest contains diverse species that cannot be found elsewhere in Kenya, such as blue monkeys and marsh mongooses

  • Aberdare forest

    Aberdare forest is a range of upland at 4,000 metres in altitude.

    The forest is famous for its dense vegetation, soaring trees and a concealed world of wildlife living amongst them.

    Between the forest there are open savanna plains with countless watering holes which provide hydration to large herds of elephants, buffalo and sometimes even the odd rhino.

    There are a number of great hiking routes through the forest, over the open bushland and through the dense forest where many waterfalls can be found

  • Ngong hill

    Just 30km from Nairobi is the Ngong hills, which offer panoramic views of the city and the surrounding mountain ranges.

    The highest point of the hills is 2,400 meters above sea level, and relatively easy hike with great views at the end.

    The trail has a number of great viewpoints and picnic spots. The incline is gradual, and the terrain is mostly grassland. 

  • Karura forest

    Located in the outskirts of the capital city of Nairobi, the Karura forest has a footpath which leads you to the Karura waterfall and caves. 

    These caves were once used by Mau Mau communities as hideouts.

    Karura waterfall has a height of 15 meters and sits amongst the bushy khaki flora. The forest is incredibly beautiful, and the hiking in this area is quite gentle. 

  • Lake Elementaita

    If you have slightly more time in Kenya, it's worth taking a hike around Lake Elementaita.

    This salt lake is located in the centre of the Great Rift Valley and offers beautiful views of mountains, scattered acacia trees and shimmering blue lake waters.

    There are many hiking routes available with some leading to hot springs, natural spas and even the sleeping warriors’ crater (although this route is much longer).

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A rocky outcrop leads you to a small waterfall, hidden from the world. The sun sits lower in the sky now, and your guide tells you it's time to head back. Reluctantly, you pull yourself away from the scene, but it's soon replaced with a stretching savannah cloaked in evening light, and a small path leading you home. 

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