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The Elewana Service Training and Hospitality School recruits trainees from colleges around Tanzania and offer participants a three-and-a-half-month intensive course that covers service training, housekeeping, food and beverages and hosting, all under the supervision of Elewana’s top hospitality specialists. The initiative will act as a feeder for Elewana in developing new hire prospects and help pave the way for outstanding candidates to have the opportunity to work within the Elewana Collection.

Education at Elewana

The team at Elewana

The Elewana Guiding School in Kenya and Tanzania will support the training needs of our current guides and provide the necessary resources to support them. Relaunching in 2022, the guide apprenticeship program is currently interviewing candidates and five applicants in Kenya and Tanzania will be confirmed in January. The year-long program will allow apprentices to move between camps, enabling them to gain knowledge regarding different biomes and regions. They will be assessed according to their skills and capabilities and will undergo rigorous on-site training to advance to new levels of achievement. The aim is to ensure that Elewana guides are the best in the business and this investment in our guides career paths is testimony to our commitment to this goal. Successful graduates of the program will join the Elewana guide team.

Loisaba Conservancy, Kenya

Out on patrol, Kenya

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