What we love about Saruni Samburu Lodge

  • Stunning location: Located on tribal lands to the north of Samburu National Reserve, Saruni Samburu overlooks Kalama Conservancy, a vast private wildlife sanctuary, and has exclusive access to the surrounding 200,000 acres of protected wilderness.
  • Eco-designed: The first of its kind in Kenya, the lodge uses eco-design in an innovative way. Built into and around a giant volcanic rock face, it is open and spacious, blending in to and a part of the surrounding environment. 
  • Fascinating culture: The Samburu are the indigenous tribe of the area around the lodge. Witness and learn from one of the oldest remaining tribes in Africa. The guides are also Samburu warriors who share their authentic local knowledge, ancient traditions and customs with guests.
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Saruni Samburu works together with the Northern Rangelands Trust to improve the living conditions for the 2,000 local Samburu people who own the Kalama Conservation Area and is providing them with income generated by tourism.

Rooms and Amenities

Villa One: A large family villa with one king and one twin en suite bedroom with both bath tubs and outdoor showers. Joined by a spacious living room and veranda, this is perfect for families with children. The open verandah has a fire place to keep away the chill on the cool Samburu nights. 

Villa Two: Saruni Samburu’s most spacious villa, it's perfect for families or groups. The villa has a spacious living and dining area, a large and open veranda and a fridge stocked with cold drinks. The stunning uninterrupted views, outdoor showers and luxurious rooms won't disappoint. 

Saruni Samburu Lodge

Villa Three: A single villa with one en-suite bedroom and a spacious living area and veranda, this villa has a unique style and blends beautifully into its surroundings. Perfect for a romantic getaway for a couple or an escape for a family of three.

Villa Four: A large family villa with two en-suite bedrooms, spacious living room and veranda. Perfect for families or groups. It has breathtaking views from each room, large bathrooms and a wonderful open living area. This villa is a short walk to both infinity pools. 

Saruni Samburu Lodge

Villa Five: A single villa with one bedroom and a spacious living area and veranda, it's Saruni Samburu’s Honeymoon Suite. This villa has been dubbed as having the most beautiful view and being the most amazing room in Africa. Built onto the edge of a hill around natural rock formations, the panoramic views of the wilderness are enjoyed from the bedroom and veranda. 

Villa Six: Booked exclusively for a family, or separately as single villas for two different groups, it has its own different style and location. The furthest room from the main lodge and the closest to the top infinity pool. It has its own unique and beautiful view facing the stunning Mathews Range of northern mountains. The two bedrooms lead on to spectacular en-suites with both indoor and outdoor showers. 

Saruni Samburu Lodge

Activities at Saruni Samburu Lodge

There is a lot on offer at Saruni Samburu Lodge. Here are just a few of our favourites:

  • Day and night game drives with an expert guide
  • Swimming pools 
  • Photographic hide and waterhole
  • Stargazing 
  • Scorpion safari
  • Reteti Elephant Sanctuary
  • The Sacred Mountain trek
  • Walk to caves and Samburu rock art
Saruni Samburu Lodge

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