A Snapshot of Africa's Talents

We at Brilliant Africa use photographs every day to illustrate the amazing sights of East Africa - we use them on our website, our social media, and in our newsletters. We depend on the talent of amazing photographers, so much so, that we’ve decided to spotlight a few of our favourite emerging talents each month. 

Read about our first featured photographer below: 

‘My name is Joshua Rains, and I am a young aspiring wildlife photographer. Growing up in Kenya, I always had a passion for wildlife, and photography became my favourite way to spend time with wildlife and capture its beauty. I hope to pursue a career in wildlife conservation in the future, particularly dealing with human-wildlife conflicts. My hope is that I will be able to make a difference through my photography, and show the world just how important it is to preserve our planet's wildlife.

This shot of a lesser flamingo was captured in Amboseli National Park, right along the side of the road in one of the park's many swampy areas.’

Our aim is to repost the work of these emerging talents on our social media accounts, and in an Artist's Corner section in our monthly newsletter, to help boost their platform and shine a light on the amazing talent East Africa has on offer! 

Brilliant Africa's Emerging Talent