Creating Opportunities

Masaka Cycling Club is an amateur cycling team based in Masaka District, Southern Uganda. Primarily a humanitarian project, it’s funded by the Global Cycling Community.

Their overall goal is to nurture young children with disabilities into professional cyclists, providing more opportunities and bringing greater equality into the world of cycling. In order to achieve their aim, they’ve received funding to complete their Club Dream House that will house their offices and offer e-racing on cycling machines practices to their young cyclists. 

Cycling for Change

Cycling is an important part of growing up for many reasons: the sense of achievement and increased confidence, building stamina and improving cardiovascular development, and increasing coordination and balance. 

The club already boasts some extraordinary cycling talent, but they have no equipment to showcase their abilities and are suppressed by poverty - Southern Uganda is one of the poorest regions in the world. 

The club has been created to enable cycling fans and humanitarians from all over the world to support cyclists in the region and help ease the barriers of poverty, helping them cycle towards a better future. 

Cycling for Change