Changes for the Better

On the pristine Kenyan coast, Hemingways Watamu is a founder and financial supporter of the Watamu Marine Association, supporting the natural biodiversity and ecosystem of Watamu

Initiatives include:

  • Campaigning against illegal and destructive fishing methods threatening fragile coral reefs and habitats.
  • The promotion of the annual humpback whale migration to collect much-needed research data.
  • A trial project aims to remove dead seagrass from the beach, thereby removing a large amount of plastic waste from the ecosystem.
Starfish on Watamu Beach

Further inland, Hemingways Ol Seki Mara is supporting The Big Cat Project. This provides research, tracking, conflict mitigation and community education, helping secure the future of the lion, cheetah and leopard. 

The camp has also donated to the Mara Elephant Project whose main focus is a three-year project that tracks up to 15 elephants to better understand their movements, alongside educating the local community about anti-poaching. They’re also supporting the Mara Naboisho Lion Project,  whose research aims to inform the Maasai people on where and when to graze their livestock to help reduce conflict between them and the lions outside of protected areas

Lion Cubs by Lake Nakuru, Kenya