Feathered Friends

During their visit, the myths of owls being were debunked and they even met a flock of vultures who have become so friendly that they could be compared to domestic dogs.

The camp says that it's important to appreciate the story of each individual bird and the advocacy role that they now play in calling for increased protection of raptor habitats. Almost all of the birds that are in the centre are there due to human-inflicted issues; electrocutions, car accidents, being attacked by people, poisoning events and so on. The aim is to rehabilitate and release all birds. However, due to the extent of some of the injuries, many of the birds will need to live out the rest of their lives at the centre.

Birds of a Feather

Loldia guides with Shiv Kapila at the Naivasha Raptor Center – photo credit Felix Rome

When a pair of a certain species are both in this position, they help to boost numbers of that species by becoming involved in captive breeding programs. Their young are released into the wild at the right time, while the parents remain as ambassadors for conservation efforts.

Governors Camp encourage their guests visiting Loldia House to also visit the centre - 'It is a truly fascinating place where you can really appreciate the personalities of some of these enigmatic creatures.'

Birds of a Feather

A Verreaux’s eagle-owl displays affection to Shiv Kapila – photo credit Felix Rome