Making Goals

Forty-eight smiling faces welcomed the team from Loldia House during one of their newest community support projects. The TAFA Soccer Academy is a very special little community initiative, run by four kind-hearted teachers that aim to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds pave the way towards a brighter future by using football as a means to bring them together. 

By using the last of the funds kindly donated by The Chairman’s Foundation via the Wilderness Trust, they were able to purchase food supplies for these students. The kids were so happy to receive their rations which were composed of maize flour, sugar, rice, oil and tea leaves. The total cost per child for just over 11 kilos worth of food was USD10.

A Happy Classroom

Smiling faces filling the classroom at Loldia

Governors Camp said it was touching to hear back from Sammy, one of the teachers, on what a difference these donations made in terms of improved concentration during lessons, the energy levels on the field, and the general happiness and wellbeing in the days following the donation event.

They also printed out some photos that photographer Felix Rome had captured a couple of months ago and gave these to the children - a printed photograph is a treasured possession in many parts of rural Africa. Another great hit was a football, which will be put to great use by many of their sports teams. 

Loldia Primary School was also paid a visit in order to donate some stationery supplies. Many of these children come from families who cannot afford to buy these most basic of school supplies and therefore a gift such as this goes a very long way in helping them to keep up with their school work. A USD3 allows us to give a child a pen, pencil, sharpener, math book, writing book, compass set, eraser and ruler. 

A Happy Classroom

Showing off their new stationary