What we love about Roho ya Selous

Explore on land and water -  Nyerere National Park has a vast network of lakes and rivers to explore by boat and trekking routes to explore by foot, ensuring you get to see all the wildlife there is. 

A quiet getaway - The park that surrounds Roho ya Selous has excellent game viewing opportunities, but there are far less visitors than Serengeti, making the experience feel a lot more exclusive. 

Family friendly - Have a fuss-free holiday at Roho ya Selous. Children over 5 are welcome, and have their own en-suite rooms and exciting activities to choose from. 

Roho ya Selous
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The name Roho ya Selous means ‘heart of the Selous’, and that’s exactly where it is, offering an authentic safari experience in Nyerere National Park, formerly Selous Game Reserve. 


Roho ya Selous consists of eight tents that are both spacious and stylish. Included is one family tent. All tents are nestled among the trees ensuring maximum privacy and are designed to blend in with their surroundings. 

All have en-suite bathrooms fitted with indoor and outdoor showers.

Cooling systems fitted above the beds ensure a comfortable temperature throughout even the hottest times of the year.

Also available to you is a complimentary laundry service, Wi-Fi connection, and a relaxing swimming pool to cool off in at the end of the day.

Roho ya Selous

Activities at Roho ya Selous

There are lots of activities to choose from at Roho ya Selous, and there's something for everyone of all ages. 

Here are a few of out favourites: 

  • Game drives in the reserve, get up close to large herbivores and predators
  • Boating safaris that'll take you safely past hippos and crocodiles in a special experience not available in most Tanzanian rserves 
  • Fishing trips - the river boasts a good population of tiger fish and catfish
Roho ya Selous

When to Travel

Nyerere National Park is incredible to visit throughout the whole year.

For the best wildlife viewing, visit between June and October’s dry season. For water-based activities, visit from November to March when the rains have filled the rivers.

Roho ya Selous is closed for the long rains that fall from March until the end of May.

Roho ya Selous

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