What we love about Ol Peejta Bush Camp

It's a special place for wildlife - The reserve has a dense population of an array of wildlife, including the Big 5 and over 300 species of bird. Most famously, it is home to black rhinos and the last two northern white rhinos, living peacefully with a 24-hour armed guard.

There's plenty to explore - Ol Peejta is a 36,420-hectare reserve in Laikipia County, under the foothills of Mount Kenya. Made up of different terrains - marshlands to savannahs to thickets - there's plenty to explore during your stay here. 

It's got conservation at its heart - Dedicated to protecting the wildlife of the reserve, the camp offers an experience for all the family to help contribute to the conservation. Learn about biodiversity, help researchers track lions and visit an anti-poaching unit. 

Ol Peejta Bush Camp

Accommodation and Amenities

Ol Peejta Bush Camp consists of seven tents, including one family tent. Every tent has an en-suite with flushing toilets and relaxing hot water showers. 

Beds come with extra blankets and hot-water bottles for cooler nights.

Each tent is also fitted with a spacious deck where guests can relax in the afternoon, taking in the sights and sounds of the bush between explorations. 

Ol Peejta Bush Camp

Activities at Ol Peejta Bush Camp

Game Drives - Learn about all the wildlife on a tour around the reserve with an expert guide in an open-sided vehicle. Try the electrical vehicle powered by the sun for a silent and carbon-neutral drive.

Night Drives - After the sun has set, embark out once more on safari with an expert guide. Observe predators using the dark to stalk their prey, and look out for nocturnal animals just beginning their day. 

Walking Safaris  - Explore the sights and sounds of the bush in a way you can't do from inside a vehicle on a walking safari with an expert guide. 

Horseback Riding - Ride a horse across the plains of Ol Peejta - from the endangered species enclosure to the plains and rhino memorial. Get a unique take on the landscape and get closer to nature. 

Ol Peejta Bush Camp

Conservation Activities

Endangered Species Enclosure - Only two northern white rhino remain in the world and both are at Ol Pejeta Conservancy in a 2,8 km2 enclosure with 24-hour armed security. Visit the enclosure and learn from the keepers about the preservation efforts. 

Canine Anti-Poaching Unit - Visit the reserve's dog kennels and learn about how they're trained to patrol for poachers. After your tour, play hide and seek with the dogs around the Information Centre.

Lion Tracking - Help researchers track the lions fitted with radio collars in the reserve. Learn how to identify them individually, and pass on the information to a monitoring team to help develop the understanding of these amazing predators.

Ol Peejta Bush Camp

When to Visit

Any time of year is a great time to visit Ol Peejta Conservancy - it has a mild climate and consistently good game viewing. 

The busiest months are July and August, but the best months to visit are September and October when it's dry, the summer holiday crowds have left, and the game viewing is at its peak.

Ol Peejta Bush Camp

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