Latest Protocols - 2nd July 2021

On Arrival

All arriving travellers need to ensure that they have registered for a Trusted Travel code prior to arriving in Kenya. This is an online process to be actioned as soon as the negative PCR test results have been received. 

All travellers entering the country must present a negative COVID-19 certificate, with results issued within 96 hours prior to arrival in Kenya. Children below the age of 5 years are exempt from this requirement.

The negative COVID-19 test must be a negative PCR test result. Travellers with a negative rapid test will still need to enter a 14-day quarantine.

If the test is outside the time frame, clients will be put in quarantine while a new test is conducted.

The Traveller's Health Surveillance Form needs to have been completed and submitted online prior to departure ( Upon submission, clients will receive a QR code which must be presented at port health on arrival. There is no set time at which this form must be completed, but must be prior to arrival and can only be completed online.

Travellers are expected to submit daily health information to the Jitenge Platform for 14 consecutive days after arrival. This is an app that can be downloaded, but is currently only available to Android users. Non-Android device users are expected to dial *299# and follow the prompts to submit their information. A daily SMS will be sent to the cellphone number supplied on the surveillance form, asking you to submit your information.

Temperature must be below 37.5 C, and no cough or any other flu like symptoms.

Most countries are now exempt from mandatory quarantine, but please check with us if you are unsure of your status. 

All travellers must obtain their visa in advance of arrival in Kenya, via the online e-visa service:

If Symptoms are Displayed

If symptoms are displayed on arrival, clients will be moved into an isolation space and port health officials will be called to perform a test. Travellers sitting within 2 rows of the passenger displaying symptoms, may also be detained for testing.

If the test result is positive, clients will be taken to hospital. If negative, clients will be released into isolation for 10 -14 days. Clients can choose where to spend the period of isolation, provided it is in Nairobi.


Clients can choose to quarantine in any hotel or accommodation in Nairobi. Quarantine period is 14 days. Clients must remain on the hotel premises for the full quarantine period. No documentation or proof of quarantine is required or provided.

Combinations with Tanzania & Zanzibar

The ban on Kenyan flight operators landing in Tanzania has been lifted, and there are flight options in place with SafariLink, Auric and Coastal.

Clients arriving into Kenya, then travelling to another country before re-entering Kenya, must present a negative COVID-19test certificate no older than 96 hours before travel in order to gain re-entry.

It is recommended that clients have a valid negative PCR test result when crossing from Kenya into Tanzania. Some airlines request it, and border officials occasionally ask for it. Although this is not a stipulated requirement by Tanzania, it is leading to problems when clients are not able to produce a valid certificate if asked.

Exist Requirements

A traveller exiting Kenya will be tested for COVID-19 only if: 

  • The airline requests it 
  • The country of origin/next destination requires it

Travellers departing Kenya, whose airline or destination country requires a PCR based COVID-19 negative test result, will be required to use the Trusted Travel website to obtain a Trusted Travel (TT) code prior to departure. 

SafariLink currently requires a negative COVID-19 Certificate for all international departures. 

Booking Conditions

The COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest challenge the travel industry has faced in decades. We are working closely with all of our partners on the ground in Kenya to stay up to date with all the latest developments, supporting our 2020 bookings with their postponed trips, and preparing for the upcoming travel season. 

As a traveller, you'll likely have many questions and reservations about booking a trip right now - we totally understand that. There remains a lot of uncertainty, but we have worked hard to negotiate with our suppliers so that we can amend our booking terms to provide you with flexibility you need to book with confidence for 2021 and 2022. 

For any booking made after 1st May 2020, the following booking terms will apply: 

  • Fee-free postponement to a future date should your trip be postponed due to COVID-19.
  • Should your trip be postponed due to COVID-19, any and all monies paid towards the trip to date will be transferred across to the postponed trip.
  • No deadline will apply to postponements, meaning whenever you are available to travel, you will have a trip with us.   
  • Should your trip be postponed for reasons specific to Kenya (e.g. entry/exit requirements, non-COVID events), you can transfer to one of our other destinations in East Africa: Ethiopia, Uganda, or Tanzania. Note that in this case, it may not be possible to transfer across all monies paid towards the original trip.

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